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Whole Beef Share

Whole Beef Share

$120 for deposit

A Whole Beef Share is a great way for a beef loving family to fill a freezer with all of their grass-fed beef favorites. Every Whole Beef Share is a purchase of a full two sides of beef and we will work with you to fill out a cut sheet and make sure that you get the most out of your order. We walk each customer through the available cuts and our customer service team is well versed in how to help you maximize all of your favorite cuts! This is an excellent option for two families to split a beef order!

  • $8.50/lb of packaged product
  • Average 300 lbs of packaged product
  • Needs approximately 20 cubic foot of freezer space
  • Customized to your specifications
  • Closely work with our customer service team for an awesome experience
  • Available only for delivery to your chosen Delivery Location (no home delivery available)
  • Pick up or delivery available only within our Delivery Zone (see below)

Ordering Instructions

  1. Place order and pay for deposit now through our website.
  2. A Customer Service Rep will email you within 24 hrs to make an introduction, give a time frame for delivery, and set up a consultation on your cut sheet.
  3. Review the cut list prior to Cut Sheet Consultation.
  4. Our Customer Service Rep will call at the agreed upon time and help you get your cut sheet completed in order to get the most out of your order.
  5. Wait for your custom order to become ready (average 3 to 4 weeks). This is honestly the hardest part! 
  6. Our Customer Service Rep will call when your order is ready for pick up at the agreed upon delivery or pick up location, and what the final price of the order will be.
  7. Pick up your beef, take it home, and start to enjoy your freezer full of delicious Mesquite Country Beef!

All of our products at Mesquite Country Beef are grass fed/grass finished and ethically raised. Our cattle are never given steroids, hormones, antibiotics, or GMOs. We pride ourselves in offering the best products available, ready to ship and deliver right to your doorstep.

Delivery Zone

Quality Control - All of our beef is USDA Choice or higher, dry-aged for 16 to 21 days for intense beefy flavor and buttery tenderness, and is hand carved by a master butcher at a family owned USDA processing facility. It is then vacuum sealed and flash frozen.


No Hormone or Antibiotic Promise - All Mesquite Country Beef products are raised using ethical handling practice and are pasture raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished. No hormones, antibiotics, or steroids are ever administered to an animal that goes through the beef program. We do not allow any fillers or preservatives to be used while cutting and packaging our meat. Every bite of Mesquite Country Beef is 100% beef!


Guarantee - We 100% Guarantee that you will love your beef! If there is ever a problem with your shipment reach out to our customer service team and we will make it right!


What People Say About Our Beef

"We purchased a Half Beef from Mesquite Country and couldn't be happier. They were very nice and pleasant doing business. The steaks are the tenderest and most flavorful we think we've ever had." Tammy C.

"We finally got around to eating a Ribeye from the Half Beef we bought. You guys did an excellent job and raised a very good product for your consumers. The steak was so tender you could cut it with a butter knife. It says a lot about the pride you take when raising your beef. When the first Half Beef I ordered didn't have the marbling you expected you called me and told me you were not satisfied with the beef and asked me if I wanted to wait for the next one. It was worth the wait. You are good people that I would recommend for a beef producer to anyone. Thanks for what you do." Chris M.



100% Beef