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Round Steak Cutlets (Minute Steaks)

Round Steak Cutlets (Minute Steaks)

A versatile and very flavorful cut. Round Steak Cutlets are a favorite of our family. They can be used for an out of this world Chicken Fried Steak or seasoned and sautéed in butter for a quick breakfast steak!  

Round Steak Cutlets are a smaller cut that’s a delicious little morsel. They come four in a package. When it comes to flavor, this little steak is among the best. This is a versatile steak that can be prepared in many ways and showcased in many different dishes. Season it, pan sear it, grill it or broil it to a medium-rare to medium temperature. It can be served by itself or cut up into strips to be used in salads, rice, or sandwiches. Slice it in ribbons for stir fry or fajitas. Thin-sliced steak cutlets cook in about one minute. We eat them with eggs for high protein breakfast. The possibilities are endless!

Quality Control - All of our beef is USDA Choice or higher, dry-aged for 16 to 21 days for intense beefy flavor and buttery tenderness, and is hand carved by a master butcher at a family owned USDA processing facility. It is then vacuum sealed and flash frozen.


No Hormone or Antibiotic Promise - All Mesquite Country Beef products are raised using ethical handling practice and are pasture raised, grass-fed, and grass-finished. No hormones, antibiotics, or steroids are ever administered to an animal that goes through the beef program. We do not allow any fillers or preservatives to be used while cutting and packaging our meat. Every bite of Mesquite Country Beef is 100% beef!


Guarantee - We 100% Guarantee that you will love your beef! If there is ever a problem with your shipment reach out to our customer service team and we will make it right!


What People Say About Our Beef

"Great beef! I am about ready to order more.  It's really good! I can taste the difference between store bought and this, this is way better!" Thomas B.

“The best beef I have ever eaten.” Steve C.



100% Beef