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Referral Program

You love the beef, now get credit just for referring new customers! You and your friend get a $50 credit when your friend has made their first purchase.

How do I get the credit? You have your own custom referral link! Sign into your account, go into your account and find the Referrals tab. Click and copy the referral link to send to your friends and coworkers! You can also see how much you have earned in referrals over time!


I've placed an order but it didn't charge my card. Because of the way we sell some individual products by weight we don't charge your card until the order is pulled from inventory. This usually happens on the Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday following your order being placed.

I want to make changes to my order. You can make changes to your order up until we charge your card, but it is always a good idea to send us an email to to confirm the change.

Why do I have to enter my zip code to see products? Because beef is a perishable product we don't service everyone in the United States. Entering your zip code guarantees that you know we do service your area, so your not blindsided at checkout.

I want to order a subscription box, do you offer those? Yes! We just launched a build your own subscription box program called Subscribe & Save!

I have questions, how do I get in touch with you? Email is the best method for getting in touch with us. If you want to speak with someone, it works best to send us an email requesting a phone call.

Do you sell pork or chicken? Unfortunately we don't currently sell either pork or chicken. We would like to in the future.

Where are you located? We are located outside of Groesbeck in central Texas.

Are you a family farm? Yes, we are a family farm! Two generations currently live and work on our ranch in Groesbeck. If you would like to know more please visit our About Our Farm page.

Subscribe & Save

What is Subscribe & Save? Subscribe & Save is our build your own subscription box program!

How does Subscribe & Save work? First you will choose a Subscribe & Save Eligible product and add how many you want each month to your cart. Next go through and add all of the products that you want to receive in your first shipment. It can be Subscribe & Save eligible or an Add-On item. When you are done building your box go to your cart and review what you have added. Next click check out and you will be given options on your delivery frequency for your Subscribe & Save eligible items.

What is Subscribe & Save eligible? Most everything except for steaks and those cuts that there are only a few on a steer. Roasts, stew meat, ground beef, hamburger patties, Minute Steaks, and all of our permanent boxes are Subscribe & Save eligible.

What is an Add-on Item? Add on items are items that either sell out super fast or there are not many on a steer. These items will fall off of your Subscribe & Save order and will have to be added again before your next shipment. For example ... you add 5 lbs of Gourmet Ground Beef, 2 Chuck Roasts, and 4 Ribeye steaks to a Subscribe & Save order with a frequency of every two weeks. We will ship you all of the items this time but you will only get the Gourmet Ground Beef and Chuck Roasts in two weeks if you don't add the Ribeyes back in because Ribeye Steaks are an Add-on Item.

Why do you do Add-on Items? Add-on Items are either not plentiful in a beef or we sell out of them quickly. In order to keep them stocked and not be completely taken up by Subscribe & Save orders we have them included as Add-on Items. We hope to grow large enough one day to have everything available for Subscribe & Save.

What shipping frequencies do you offer? Every two weeks, every month, or every two months.

Will I get reminders that my Subscribe & Save is about to renew? Yes, you will get an emailed reminder every month that your Subscribe & Save is about to be charged. This will give you time to add any additional Add-on Items that you want as well!

What if I want to cancel? You can cancel at any time. You'll do this from your account page.


When will you ship my order? We ship on Mondays and Tuesdays. Since we are shipping a perishable product we don't want it sitting on a loading dock or in a hot delivery truck for the weekend, and shipping early in the week lowers the chances of that from happening.

I live within 50 miles of Groesbeck, TX and I want hand delivery, how do I get that? Request it at checkout in the notes. We will be happy to deliver your order to your door. If you are local this is the quickest way to get your beef.

Why do you not ship to PO Boxes? We can only ship to places where FedEx delivers. Unfortunately that does not include PO Boxes.

How do you keep the shipment cold? We pack all of our beef with dry ice to keep it cold while it makes it's way to you.

My order is thawed, what do I do? If it is still cold to the touch then your beef is fine and it is safe to cook or refreeze. If you have any concerns please send us an email at


Is your beef grass-fed? Yes! All of the beef we sell is raised on pasture and is grass-fed, grass-finished.

Is your beef non-GMO? Yes, all of our beef is non-GMO and our cattle do not eat any GMOs during their lifetime.

Is your beef organic? No, we do not have an organic certification. We use regenerative agricultural practices to make sure our land and cattle are exceptionally healthy.

Is your beef USDA certified? Yes, we work with a USDA inspected processor, so all of our beef is checked by a USDA inspector and certified safe for humans.

Do you sell individual cuts? Yes, we have all of our individually packaged cuts here.

Do you sell packages? Yes, we have many curated boxes available for purchase. You can find them here.

Do you run any specials? Yes, we run specials often! If we have anything available you can find it here.

Do you sell bulk? Yes, we have several bulk packages that we can ship and we also sell custom half and whole beef orders. You can find them all here.

How do I know your beef is good? We decided to start selling our beef at the urging of our friends and family who had been eating our beef for years. Since then we have had hundreds of satisfied customers.

Are your cows happy? Extremely! We believe that our cattle should live a happy and healthy life with one bad day. We honor their sacrifice by making sure they have the best life a cow can possibly have. We use ethical, low stress handling practices, and spend time checking our cattle's health and living conditions everyday.

Social Media and Emails

Why am I receiving promotional emails from you? We add all of our customers to our email list so that we can update our Mesquite Country Beef family of customers on anything new being released or great new deals!

Why be a part of the email list? We send out all of our weekly specials and deals to our email list first! Email subscribers also get exclusive savings.

I don't want emails. You can unsubscribe at any time. Look at the bottom of any promotional email you receive from us to find a link to unsubscribe.

What social media channels do you use? We have Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest pages. Lynn and Larry both have TikTok as well.

Why follow your social media? This is the best way to see what we are up to on the farm, some of our favorite recipes that we eat around here, and we also post our latest weekly specials and deals the day after our email subscribers find out.

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