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Our Farm's Story

Mesquite Country Beef is a family run cattle ranch located in central Texas to the east of Waco.  We run a herd of Santa Gertrudis and Star 5 cattle on beautiful native pastures. Santa Gertrudis cattle are the very first breed developed in the United States.  First bred by the King Ranch in south Texas, this breed is ideally suited for our hot and humid Texas climate. We have crossed these beautiful and hardy animals with American Aberdeens. American Aberdeens are 100% pure Angus cattle that are DNA traceable to a heritage Scottish Aberdeen Angus herd from Scotland. They are significantly smaller in stature that your average beef animal and have superior meat quality. Star 5 cattle are animals that result from a cross with the Santa Gertrudis cattle.  We find these animals to be healthy and vigorous.  They require less acreage and produce superior beef completely on grass.  These animals make our productions system more sustainable and our cattle and land healthier.  We work with nature to produce animals that are happy, healthy, and of the highest quality beef. 

We offer pasture raised grass finished beef.  All of our animals are guaranteed antibiotic free. If in it's lifetime here on the ranch it has to receive antibiotics then it does not qualify for our beef program anymore!  

We like to know where our beef comes from and how it was raised, and we believe our customers would like the same information too.  We keep diligent records on all of our animals.  All animals are born on our ranch, source verified, and have extensive medical records.  This allows our customers to feel confident that they are getting a product that is safe and raised humanely.  We know you want the source of your beef to live a happy, healthy, and respected life.

As a family we have over 120 years on combined experience in agriculture.  Larry and Kim purchased our ranch in Groesbeck, TX in 2006 with the dream of selling healthy, wholesome beef directly to consumers and providing a future business for their kids and grandkids.  Mesquite Country Beef is the culmination of this dream and with the help of the younger generations is thriving.  

We are happy to welcome you to our little slice of heaven and hope you enjoy the products that we put our hearts and souls into.  Please take the time to view our pictures below that we update regularly of views of our ranch and what we are doing at the time to make sure your beef eating experience is pleasurable, healthy, and sustainable!

Our Family Team

  • Larry Watkins
    Larry Watkins
  • Kim Watkins
    Kim Watkins
  • Lynn Watkins
    Lynn Watkins
  • James Watkins
    James Watkins

What People Say About Our Beef

Our purchase arrived faster than expected and everything was still frozen solid. Not to mention the steaks were some of the best we have ever eaten.
Van G.
Their ranch is beautiful, the people are amazing, and the beef is delicious. We love Mesquite Country Beef.
Jessica W.
I purchased a quarter share to try out and from what we have had so far we have not beef disappointed! I look forward to purchasing again.
Gina L.

Inside View of our Ranch

This gallery will hopefully give you an insider's view of our little slice of heaven! These photos will change regularly so check back often!