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Pork Fat

Pork Fat

$4.00 /lb.
Avg. 5 lb.

Pork fat is a versatile natural fat source that has been used for thousands of years as a cooking fat and tasty treat.  When rendered down it creates a beautiful and useful lard for cooking and after it is rendered the leftover pieces can be fried up as cracklin's, a well loved southern treat.  Pork fat is also an excellent addition to any sausages you may be making. Ground with beef, chicken, or venison; pork fat adds a little something extra to your sausage.  These packs of pork fat come in frozen five pound packages.


Quality Control - All of our pork is pasture raised heritage based pork with excellent fat to lean ratios, and is hand carved by a master butcher at a family owned USDA processing facility. It is then vacuum sealed and flash frozen.


No Hormone or Antibiotic Promise - All Mesquite Country Beef pork products are raised using ethical handling practice and are pasture raised. No hormones, antibiotics, or steroids are ever administered to the animals. We do not allow any fillers to be used while cutting and packaging our meat. 


Guarantee - We 100% Guarantee that you will love your pork! If there is ever a problem with your shipment reach out to our customer service team and we will make it right!


What People Say About Our Beef

"This pork is so good. Reminds me of the hogs we raised when we were kids." John W.

"Our purchase arrived faster than expected and everything was still frozen solid." Van G.