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Arctic Blast 2021

written by

Lynn Watkins

posted on

February 21, 2021

February 11th, 2021 around noon is where our adventure with Winter Storm Uri started. For days prior our local weather reported that the ice storm that beset us was going to stay to the west, so as the freezing rain started to fall and the ice started to accumulate we knew that we would be in for the long haul with this storm. That night we got 1/3 of an inch of ice and the power went out around 6:30 pm. Little did we know at the time that it was going to be a long four days without electricity, but we made the best of it with camp stoves and indoor safe propane heaters. Thank goodness we are an outdoorsy family. A few days into this however we lost running water as well. While it didn't matter as much for keeping the cattle and horses watered (they have stock ponds to drink from) it did start to matter when it came to getting enough water to our quail, chickens, rabbits, and our households. We ended up spending a lot of time boiling and filtering snow to water most of the animals. All in all, we pulled together as family, friends, and neighbors and our little community didn't loose any animals or people. Looking back that is what I will remember more than anything else ... putting out hay for our neighbor's cattle when he couldn't get his tractor started, another neighbor inviting us over for hamburgers and hotdogs to provide us with a warm meal, friends calling just to check in and listen to complaints, the dozens of offers to bring supplies and provide support, playing in the snow with the dogs, spending quality time with family, and the beautiful way our landscape changed for a few days. Even though last week was hard, I am grateful for the many blessings.

Here is a peek into our ice an snow covered ranch. It looked like the entire world was covered in crystal after a few days in. Enjoy ...

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