Healthy and Wholesome, The Way Nature Intended


About Us

Mesquite Country Beef is a family run business.  Our ranch is located in cental Texas to the east of Waco.  We run a herd of American Aberdeen and Moderator cattle on beautiful native pastures.  We work with nature to produce animals that are happy, healthy, and of the highest quality beef.

We offer pasture rasied, grain finished beef and a very limited quantity of grass finished beef.  All of our animals are guarenteed antibiotic free at the time of harvest.  We follow strick FDA protocols when administering antibiotics and only do so when an animal is sick.  These animals recieve no long term feed through antibiotics ever!
We like to know where our beef comes from and how it was raised, and we believe our customers would like the same information too.  We keep diligent records on all of our animals.  All of these animals are source verified and have extensive medical records.  This allows our customers to feel confident that they are getting a product that is safe and raised humanely.  We know you want the source of your beef to live a happy, healthy, and respected life.